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Spring 2024

Just a winter is trodding away, Spring is entering our consciousness. Even though it may be chilly outside, we know that balmier days are coming soon. That means change and for many of us, transition brings a level of expectation, evaluation, desire and more.

What happens in Spring is that our needs change along with the temperature. It's an opportunity for us to look at what we have and determine what we want for this next season. What to wear, what to plant, what to thin out, what to retain, what to do with that extra hour of usable sunlight.

Now is the time to assess what winter left us and to capitalize on the gifts that Spring brings us.

So take the time to meet this new part of the year and make hay while the sun shines and showers translate to flowers. Weed out what you no longer need and open up space to relish Spring.

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