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the Empathic Organizer

What is empathic?

The ability to understand,
share another's feelings

It's about you, how to
help you see.
It's about lifestyle change,
space management.

Sometimes we're too busy, stressed,
tired to do this alone.
It's much easier when there's help --
a smart investment that will pay for itself. 
As we work, we unearth treasures.


About me: I began organizing when
I readied my parents' two homes for sale. 

I sorted, cried, cleaned.
giving what was no longer to be
part of my life, donated, sold the
items that had value  

I learned, tackled, overcame
the resistances that 
the memories unearthed along with
the reality of imposed change. 

Then friends asked me to help them and 
The Empathic Organizer was born. 

We work gently with you to find your
way to build the confidence you need to
transform your inner and outer space.
We get it done with you, your way. 

member NAPO, National Association of Productivity & Organizing


Nancy ready to work
Nancy Deutsch
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