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On this superb Spring day...

Getting closer to your objective is both challenging and comforting.

Think about taking inventory of a specific area of a chosen room and start there.

What do you see, how does it smell, what does that particular part of the room mean to you?

Then focus in on just 5 items and look at them, touch them, think about them. Do you need them now? Do you want them? How much? What does it cost to keep them in your space?

Consider an expiration date by which you are actually let something go. We do this with milk, eggs and lots of stuff in our refrigerator. What would be really important to retain should you fridge decide to quit on you?

Think about how much "inventory" you must have in your home.

Then take a deep breath and start. It might be a really satisfying way to take 15 minutes of your day to address your address. Yes.

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