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Resisting the resistance

No matter what your intentions are, you have to factor in resistance. It may be in the form of delay, feeling physically ill, telling yourself you have more important things to do. It can be the thoughts that I can't let go of this because it has sentimental value. Other rationales include the idea that you might need whatever you are looking at in the near future. It might bring on pain the idea of letting go since it's too much loss. It becomes almost impossible to start the sorting, decluttering process unless you deal with your resistances. Having someone who understands that emotion can make a big difference in how you approach what you know is the first step.

Think about it. Most of us do good work alone. Yet when there's a big project, that's when we realize it might be better with someone who can be there with understanding, focus, a gentle helper who gets that what you need is support and kindness.

So don't give in to the resistance. Fight the urge to disappear and seek a helpmeet who will be there as those hard decisions are made.

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