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"Nancy has helped me free up my life through my space. I have been wanting to declutter and the way she works has made the process almost painless. She gets my priorities, anxieties and joy as we make progress towards my goals.
Nancy has helped me tremendously to unburden my life.  I am reaching a pivotal age and wanted to declutter permanently.  She has provided me the tools to do it almost painlessly."Ellen S, NYC

"I loved working with you! Indeed after we worked together I kept working on what we were working on, which is unusual for me... and felt inspired...." JLB, NYC

"I wanted to collect my papers together for my accountant. Nancy provided the structure and filing system to put everything in a place where I could find it, labeling each file, preparing me for the meeting and creating a system I could use
in the future. Nancy understood the project and worked with me to give me the support I needed. She made it fun.
Terrific both personally and professionally." Laura L, NYC


"I needed to get at the papers in my home office and didn't have the skill or motivation to tackle them. Nancy and I discussed my priorities and together we reduced the chaos, sorting out the materials, establishing an ongoing procedure
to achieve the clarity I was looking for.
Nancy worked with me to reduce drastically the pile of accumulated unopened mail. In the process, she helped me uncover precious family memorabilia and important files I didn't know I had.
A small project or a large one, Nancy knows how to make the work a labor of love." Daniel G, NYC

"Nancy provided perspective and didn't let me lose focus. She came in, rolled up her sleeves and guided me to reach
the objectives we set together." Ilyse S, NYC

"I couldn't have done it without Nancy's help. She made it seem easy." Nancy L, NYC


Miracle worker. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Judy S

Master BR before
Master BR after
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