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Knowing you're ready to start?

Beginning "the letting go process" can be daunting. It can be easier when you think about people around you who might share your space or who already do. What do you feel? Do you feel?

For a start, try observing the room you're in. What's there? Are you able to walk around without impediments? Is there stuff on the floor? Are there stacks and piles? How many? How deep? Is there light in the room or are shades down? What does the room you're in smell like? Do you notice any odors? Is it cinnamon or lemon or?

Do you know where everything is located so you can find what you're looking for easily? Is there a place for you to lie down and sleep? Do you have room on a table to put down a plate? Do you feel comfortable in that space or do you want to run from it? Lots of questions. When you're ready to begin, think about answers.

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