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Catch up with the winter residue

Now that the days are longer and light guides our way wherever we are, we can attend to things that have been left for later.

One place to address is our kitchen where over the winter, we may have let our kitchen tools languish because the days were just too short and time escaped us.

Check out your countertops. What is there that you haven't used in ages? What utensils are worn out, frayed and shabby? Where are all the utensils we use most? Are they organized by function or just thrown together in a few containers where you have to root them out to find the spoon you love to stir with? Are there old shopping receipts everywhere? Recipes out and about? Knives left unhoused? Stains and crumbs on the counter? Silver pieces out for polishing but not done so far? Tools that you haven't used in months or even years? Spring cleaning can signify a lot of opportunity and your counter can be a place to start that isn't overwhelming and menacing. Once you've got that space under control, whatever comes after will be easier. And don't forget to reward yourself for the work you've done. That's the delicious part. Let there be light!

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