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Establishing a framework for the day

Days of Our Lives....

We all have our to-do lists. We all intend to check off each task as we do it. Yet sometimes life can throw us curve balls and our objectives have to change.

That's the moment when we don't admonish ourselves. Instead we find ways to do what we can do with what we have. That's a piece of organizing you can do with you life, your day.

One way to attack your situation is to create a schedule for the day. That serves two purposes: you now have a goal you want to reach and you can feel safer because you have a framework within which you can work.

Time has a way of escaping us and if we develop a schedule, it helps us keep track of time. They aren't making any more time these days.

Having a specific date with yourself is also a way to keep in touch with yourself. Then those onerous tasks have more meaning and you can relieve any stress and guilt you may feel because you now possess a handle on your time. That's a way to get started each day. Good morning.

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