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  • Nancy D

Autumn is a-coming in

As the leaves begin to fall and the days are cooler, it's time to think about how to "rake in" those things you no longer need. Did you wear every piece of summer clothing you possess? Were there items in your closet you didn't choose to wear this past summer or the last? What about those shoes you never did manage to put on for the last 3 summers? Instead of moving them to the back of your closet, maybe it's time to let all of those clothes out. Perhaps a friend can enjoy some of those clothes you just didn't get to this summer or last. Or is there a charity or two you would be happy to send these neglected items to?

It's time to clear up and clean up to prepare for the coming winter. It can be a feeling of freedom to let go. Give it some thought. Then decide to part with the clothes, shoes, accessories you no longer connect with. Free up some hangers for the new arrivals. One out. One in. A rationale for the coming seasons of orange, red and brown until the snow flies.

Every day provides an opportunity to move closer to your goals.

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