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The shoemaker has no shoes. It can be a start.

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

It dawned on me the other day that life had caught up with me and yes, I am an organizer, it was time to let go of things that had piled up magically and needed to be sorted, assessed, thanked and recycled. No guilt. Just a recognition that it was time to address my own space.

This time it was beautiful things I had inherited but did not fit my lifestyle.

It was a revelation and a relief that I could release what had accumulated

and that someone else would have the joy that those items had given me at one time in my life.

That's what makes the process of decluttering so satisfying. We know that what we're uncovering and discovering will be put to good use. Maybe not in our house but it will find a home with someone else who will treasure it

in their own way. So as we declutter we may feel like a shoemaker without shoes but we find we are far from shoeless. We've have a lot left to enjoy in our lives and we can walk free and away from what we just don't need. We organizers can appreciate the shoes to keep and which ones to relinquish and when it's time to do just that.

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