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The Ides of May

We are almost halfway through May and I find myself wondering what I have done since the Ides of March.

Here we have had 2 months of basically free time if we are not parenting and schooling and what have we to show for all these hours "at our disposal."

That does not mean this blog is giving license to chiding yourself, getting angry or any other form of harsh self-criticism.

We are in a novel era where we are forced to forge a new path. Now we are thrown into a new way of living where just going out to walk the dog requires donning a face mask, struggling to put on rubber gloves and keeping our distance. We who are basically pack animals. And on top of all of this, we are battling the anxiety of not knowing much about this invisible enemy that stalks us without so much as a visible trace of its evil.

Our new world present us with an opportunity. We can use the days we stay inside, away from others as a vehicle to transport our space into what we would like it to be.

Look around. Pick an area that you know you want to "clarify" and set aside one-half hour to address that particular part of your home. Then take each item, check it out, make a decision and sort. Will you keep this? Do you love it or feel neutral about it? Might someone else find it important or appealing? Is that item doing itself justice by just collecting dust?

Then put it back (after dusting, please) or place it gently in a box to go to re-cycling or re-sale or donation.

You may have to wait a bit to have a charity pick up what you are donating, but it's in a box or bag that clearly means you are letting that piece/piece of clothing go.

A productive use of your time. And a strategy for making the time you provide satisfaction. You did it. You made more of your space your own.

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