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Sorting through -- an easier place to start

Your space probably doesn't look like this. But it can feel and seem as daunting as what this photo exhibits. Whether what you have in front of you is similar or different, when we begin to address the stuff in your space, it's important to take stock, inventory of what's there. We all need a plan to do most anything and it usually comes out better if we have a destination in mind and a route to get there before we set out. One way to attack what seems impossible is to start small with only a small space to address. Pick up one item and think about what you want to do with it. Then create

a "home" for it. Take another item. If it's similar, then put it in that home. If it's not, create another place for it. You may end up with a few homes. That is the beginning of sorting through what's there and it might be just enough to get you started. Remember, uncovering and sorting can be a kind of archeological dig and can be a quite invigorating and happy experience.

If you feel inspired by the sorting of a small area, then the next step is to decide what you really need, want and what you can let go of. That might be left for another session. You have to determine how comfortable you are doing more. It has to be your call as sorting is a very very personal occurrence and it's different for each of us.

Decluttering and organizing are comprised of decisions and clutter arises from deferred decisions. Keeping that in mind might be helpful as you start your sort.

Beginnings and change are challenging for us all. Knowing that will make the journey less onerous. And having support can make the task at hand a lot more fun.

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