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Looking for something? Your opportunity.

A friend of mine just described our life with Covid-19 as "ground hole day." And indeed it is for a lot of us. We have been home with our stuff for almost a year. In that time,

we have accumulated even more of the things we hoped would provide solace while we waited for the pandemic to go away. Instead, our homes have become our full-time offices, our dining table has morphed into a school "room" and our kitchens have created a daily challenge when each morning we are faced with the question we have to answer and plan for: "what are we eating for breakfast, lunch, dinner?"

Whatever we had "around the house" prior to the pandemic has grown and multiplied. There seems still to be no end to the mountain of stuff we have collected in this past year. We are faced with another "ground hole" day and the anxiety about where to put more stuff that we ordered on the internet. Do we try to fill up the hole and keep it coming or brave the monster "pile" and whittle it down to determining what we love, what we like and what in truth we really don't need anymore.

So when you start looking for something you can't seem to locate, take advantage of this chance to clear out that drawer full of what is probably a lot of junk and behold, you now know what exactly what it contains because you just discarded a lot of items you haven't used in years. That success in mind, you are now primed to tackle that under-the-bed box filled with who knows what or that medicine cabinet replete with cosmetics you haven't applied in decades. You prevailed and you did it. You have dumped or recycled those things you know you don't want anymore. That stuff is gone. And you did it!

Tomorrow, and I mean tomorrow, confront your clothes closet, go in there with an open mind and be honest with yourself about what you are wearing these days. Just take the slacks for a start and assess what you really love to wear and what is gathering dust. Then before you start, take a photo of the slacks hanging there, deliberate (and you can talk to yourself!). Once you have identified in your heart the ones you haven't worn in months or years, let them go and then take another photo of that section of the closet you cleared. You did it! Give yourself thanks and then in a day or two, you will be ready to move on to those jackets. Ground hole day has uncovered its purpose.

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