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Hail and Farewell

As we end this endless year filled with limits and fear. we crave freedom to roam

as we are stuck now at home, Let's collect our thoughts, survey that ghost yet raise a toast -- to the year to come.

For those of us with a roof over our head, good health, food to eat and a comfy bed we can consider ourselves lucky that we still have a seat at the table we set for the family, friends, pets we "get".

So look around and see what to share as we start the beginning of a brand new year. And remember again what it is that we need So others can benefit from our sweet good deed.

We know it is rough to part with our stuff But a happy clean slate can be quite a boon

as we let go of that to relish the moon. The Romans discard what is no longer true Out the window it goes to be free for the new.

So pardon this verse as it could worse and greet the new year with respect and in gear.

Do keep in mind that what you will find can be gold or not much But release can be such that we treasure our mind.

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