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Hiring a Professional Organizer: A rationale

1. Life has thrown you a curveball Perhaps it's a marriage. Or a divorce. The arrival of a new baby. Aging parents who need your help. The death of a loved one. Health challenges. Job loss or relocation.

Suddenly, or gradually, your home is neglected. Mail unread. Fridge full of

food that has spoiled. Closets overflowing and clothes everywhere. You may feel overwhelmed or feel a sense of shame that you haven't been able to attend to your space where normally everything runs smoothly. Something has happened to disrupt your flow. Stuff happens and a reasonable way to deal with it is to get help.

2 You want to "get organized" but you have no time to do it yourself You know what you want to do but it's a time-consuming mission and "I'll get to it later." Having lots of stuff and not being ready to deal with it all can be overwhelming and doing clearing alone can be thought of as a task to put off until you feel better. Having someone who understands how to get started and where to begin can make the process workable. If you see it as an archeological expedition or a treasure hunt or a search for something you haven't seen in months but know it's somewhere lessens the burden and soothes the anxiety.

3. You're moving or remodeling

Oh my, so much stuff. I don't need all this. That's what comes to mind when you have to take account of your space. Paring down what you own when you are planning a move or remodel can make all the difference and can be a wise investment as you will have less to pack and less to put back which might change your kitchen or office remodeling plans. Someone who knows how to assist you in making your new space work best for you is now in at the beginning of the process. Having a person who knows how to guide you to make a home for all of your precious belongings can be a welcome addition and can lessen the stress that comes with moving and/or remodeling.

4. Your home office and business space

Papers and emails and files can be a challenge when you work from home. Having your business and personal papers in a place where you can find either easily can be a satisfying part of your life. Arranging your office, desk, files and electronic records and sorting them with a purpose so they work for you rather than you working for them can make life a pleasure and can keep you organized, happy and stress-free.

5. The "Space" that haunts you Most everyone has a area that keeps them up at night. It might be a closet, office area, pantry, kitchen shelves, attic, basement, garage. Stuffed full of everything from old toys to the bike you had when you were 14. Choosing someone who "gets" the things you "love" versus the things you "like" or "need" will make tackling that space a lot easier and will free up your nights.

6. I want to make everyday life easier Keeping on top of everyday tasks and routines and doing so with a partner is one way to meet the challenges we face each morning. Having a kitchen where you know where each spice is, where the pasta resides, how your pots can be organized, the best knives handy, the canned goods arranged by "like with like" is your path to serenity. This partnership includes a person who can remind you of what you want for yourself so you are devoting more time to what you love doing, less time trying to wrangle your stuff.

7. The first step and last.... Decluttering is about deferred decisions, also known as procrastination in some circles. Committing to working with an experienced organizer can get you started. Creating a plan with your organizer is a way to begin taking control of your space. I am an organizing professional because it brings me great satisfaction as I watch my clients meet their challenges and overcome them -- very often with joy, some sadness at parting with what they realized they no longer need and with the exuberant feeling that they can accomplish what they didn't think they could do. Now that's progress.

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