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No need to sit around....

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

There are things you can do you in your space to make room for yourself.

We all can find things around the house to do. It's time to attack a task that you have avoided for days, weeks, months, years.

Can it be the photos in that box of family and friends that you have been meaning to arrange, sort through, let go of? Is it those winter turtlenecks you haven't worn this season or any season prior? Might it be those dishes with the pretty cat drawing that are chipped and haven't been put into service for months because they are chipped and make you sad now that they are damaged?

I just looked at a kitchen cabinet with a Mr. Coffee in it that we hadn't used in 4 years since we saved our marriage by adapting to a single serve coffee maker. It was housed in a cabinet I never go to unless I am looking for something specific which I needed at that moment (the orange silicone mat to be used for baking).

And there was Mr Coffee reigning dustily over in the corner. It was time. And I discovered the lovely cat dish that was chipped and pretty but couldn't be repaired or reclaimed along with a mug that had been Krazy glued but looked sad and forlorn.

I realized it was time to let those pieces of the past go. Out they went to recycling.

Who knows if someone in the building needed a mug or a dish for their cat or cats and it didn't matter to them about the chip or the repaired crack.

Out of despair can come opportunity. Being inside and isolated can be an opening into another reality that can foster good instead of a virus. So...go for a corner of your life and see where it leads you. It might even give you more space for an item you saw online and just felt you had no place for it. And remember some recycling can lead to a wonderful feeling of freedom as we hunker down at home in these challenging times.

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