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Natural Achievement through Productivity & Organization

Clutter these days certainly can add to the stress we are experiencing given the pandemic that is confining us. We are indeed capable of identifying ways to cope with what is coming at us in what seems like every minute.

One way to approach these challenges is by chipping away at what we have some control over -- and that is our space. If you want to declutter the whole of your home or you just want to start the process, you can attain a sense of empowerment over the daily mail, email or online purchases that enter our home. Devoting 15 minutes a day to addressing the stuff around you can be a start.

We are all trying to figure out how to live in this new world and how we can flourish given the hand we have been dealt in the last 9 months. We can learn how to accept the realities of our new "normal" if we understand we have agency over our immediate surroundings.

So given what has sadly become "routine" these days, developing a sense of ownership over our space so it doesn't own us, provides a handle on those areas where we see way too much around us. We can assess and determine priorities as a start and that can lead to a sense of hope and a path away from feeling overwhelmed. Letting go of some of the "belongings" you really don't need or want or love these days can be the beginning of achieving satisfaction. Even amidst the chaos and upheaval around us, we can find peace knowing that we can be in charge of the contents of our home and not the other way round.

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