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Going home. Re-visiting your space.

Re-visiting your space with perspective

We live in our space and very often don't see it. We take it for granted. Now as the year ends, there is an opportunity to re-visit your home. Enter as if you were a stranger. What do you see? That could be a journey you can take if you are ready. It may surprise you to learn that the space you see every day is now new to you. As you look around, what are the things you love most? What do you see through instead of cherishing and enjoying? Approach your living quarters in a different way. You will notice certain items that jump out at you.

Not the cat or the dog but things you forgot you have and perhaps it may be time to let go of those pieces of your life if you didn't miss them or notice them until now. Again not the cat or the dog or the bird or the fish or....

A different number on the year can provide a vehicle to go a different way, follow a new path, explore how you live. It doesn't have to be stressful even amidst the whirl of the holidays. This December month can become a time to reflect on what you have and what you need.

Make this month your time for discovering and uncovering your true direction. And that will help you develop your priorities. Decision-making can be very creative. Let it happen as you enter your space and another year.

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