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  • Nancy D

LEAF ... new season, new perspective

Look at and let go

Legislate your needs

Enable your self

Abide by your decision Feel the change

If you think about it, October can be a beautiful month. It's a colorful time and a time to enjoy the crispness of a fine autumn day. It can also be a day or two of grey skies and rain. All of that is part of what we know can be the 10th month.

Inside we look around and think about what we see and wonder maybe if we are ready to steady our own surroundings. Although we may not be sure about making a change, observing those leaves falling lightly can help us get to letting go of what we acquired over the summer and can prepare us for the winter. So take a deep breath and step into your own office, be it the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or foyer. What you may have enjoyed for last season may be now something you can part with now. It's your leaf. And perhaps you are ready to turn it over.

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