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Some thoughts on why hire an organizer

Some people need a rationale as to why hire an organizer. It appears that some of us need help to get started or to keep going. There's a lot of "stuff" to understand about where a person is at the time and what has happened to create the desire to organize, de-clutter and look for assistance.

Getting the picture and developing solutions that can last is part of our work. We all may require

a hand from time to time to accomplish our objectives whatever they may be. After all, we are human.

It isn't easy looking around and realizing that you really don't need or want or love a lot of the stuff you've accumulated. And it's also a fact that for most of us, it's more than challenging to let go what's outside of us. And what's inside can also be even more difficult to part with.

The good news is that we can begin the journey of releasing what is no longer necessary to survive.And doing that work on the outside can contribute to the work to do internally. It can be done. With the right frame of mind and with a person who gets what it is that we have to face as we decide to move ahead.

Leaves are beginning to drop. Making way for the new and Spring. We can learn from the trees.

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