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  • Nancy D

Give to time....

We're almost there. The giving time. Time to give. And give to time. This is when we think about others and what we would like to share with our loved ones, friends, those who have less than we do.

It's an opportunity to give to time. Check out your surroundings. Think about everything you see in front of you. Consider how you can "gift" those around you with what you have

held dear but don't need to see anymore. Re-gifting can be good for the environment. Re-cycling can be cathartic.

Remember that your giving up something may be a sign you are ready for the next year.

That space you just made can be put to use in a different way.

And realize that your gift must reflect your caring and thoughtfulness and what that gift will bring to the party who receives it.

Going out and buying a gift can also be joyous. Just think about what you've loved and will your recipient love it too. So too you are giving to time. And time will give back to you.

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