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  • Nancy D

The sun is out!

You can find the sun in your space by opening the curtains. Sunlight is a cleansing agent. It brings in warmth and provides a way to see what you have that might have been obscured in the darkness.

Sunlight gives us Vitamin D and makes everything brighter. The sun helps us rise too in the morning.

Its energy can be catching, provoking us to tasks we might have avoided because in the darkness we tend to forget.

Pull the curtains back from the windows and bask in the sunlight. Now that autumn is here, the sun

can be our friend by sending us its yellow rays without the oppressive heat, giving us the energy we need to achieve our objectives. The season is changing and you can capitalize on that transition too.

Take a look at your closets and let go of the clothes you didn't wear this summer. They can find a new home with someone who finds them new and exciting. Check out your winter wardrobe and bring forward those items you love and use. Think about those you didn't get to last winter.

Remember, clutter is really about deferred decisions. We can't defer the seasons. Make your

decisions easier with the knowledge you can make choices. You can.

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