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Stuff is a national problem. Very few of us are immune to stuff. Whether it's in our email box or in our foyers, we get mail. And stuff through the mail with the internet's collaboration.

7% of all Americans it seems have a room filled with stuff. 25% of Americans with a 2-car garage have no room for the car

32% have a 2-car garage with room for only one car

We spend one year of our life looking for lost or misplaced items.

Searching 10 minutes here, 10 minutes there eats up time -- precious to all of us.

That's why making sense of your stuff is worthy of addressing. (No mail, please!)

Spring cleaning can be taken literally. No judgment. Just an understanding that you can do it. By yourself if you are truly motivated or with some help.

The first step is to want to get started. There is a way. Find a motivation that entices you to get going and the rest will be history.

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