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  • Nancy D

Keeping the faith

It's often a chore just to keep on top of the things that come into our homes.

We buy something (especially these days online). It arrives in a box or a plastic sack and we open it, happy (or not) with our purchase. Then we discover that we already have two of those in our closet or desk or kitchen. That's the time to figure out what to do with the item. Do I keep the new one? Do I gift one of the older versions? How much do I want all of these items I now see in front of me?

Give it a day. You don't have to address this issue now. And then think about who might like that cute little bag you bought? How about your friend down the hall? Your granddaughter?

Then take action and relinquish what you have determined you no longer require.

Finally, give yourself a reward. A fresh orange. A call to a good friend or family member.

Bask in the glow that you could let go. Yes. You are keeping the faith.

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