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Widening our perspectives

As we enter an alley, we usually look for the openings to get out into the airy bright space we yearn for. Especially in these times of confinement, the masks, the gloves, the distance, we seek out ways to expand our lives so we can experience latitude and longitude.

Here's a way to get out of the narrow rut we might feel after almost 10 months of limiting our freedom to live the "old" way where we could go anywhere, feel safe and move about without thinking about our impact on another life.

Start in your own home area by assessing what is yours. Are there clothes you no longer have use for? Is there a piece of furniture that no longer pleases or serves a purpose?

Is there kitchen equipment that you haven't touched in months or years? That old wooden spoon that was your mother's but is now cracked? The frying pan that is losing its non-stick surface. The pan you burned and tried to shine up but it just won't cooperate.

There are things you haven't used for a very long time that take up space and can be recycled, donated, sold or tossed. It isn't rocket science. It's about decisions. What do you really need? What do you love? What is merely taking up part of a shelf or a hanger.

Escape from that narrow alley way and open up your vistas. There's a world out there you can enjoy if you are ready to expand your four walls. And you can do it safely.

Think about getting ready to let go. It can be liberating.

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