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Thoughts for Today. Organizing In and Out.

We are all experiencing a challenge this beautiful late March day. And we have only hand washing and 6 feet of distance as our tools of combat along with the friends and family we keep in our hearts.

With all this time home alone, we have an "opening" in our schedules to examine our space, the stuff around us and the tasks at hand.

When we realize there are areas we haven’t attended to until now that can impact our health, satisfaction, and family, we tend to chastise ourselves for what we haven’t accomplished instead of looking around to capitalize on the opportunity we have. We are not alone. We are in good company.

Being enclosed doesn’t mean being constrained. We can take stock of where we are and how we can make our lives better by taking on those projects we let go of and know we need to get back to.

We can get going. Being productive at home can generate satisfaction: a place to go with the flow and expand our inner and outer space, resulting in a new habits for us and a way of living that frees us up and reduces stress.

Those books, magazines you have been saving can be perused, let go of, donated or tossed unless you love them. Visit your dresser drawers, tossing out stained shirts or ones that haven’t fit you for years. Then assemble a give-away box that’s ready to relinquish when we are sprung.

Give it a try. Look around. Consider options. Think about what you can do inside your space that will make you happy, at peace, energized to bask in the time we have, not at our disposal, but at our pleasure.

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