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Taking charge. Moving in place. May 1, 2020

As we move into May, we realize we have lived with social distancing and staying at home for well over a month and we have survived that solitary sentence. In fact, many of us have learned from the experience by adapting to our new lifestyle and coming to terms with the reality of our at-homeness.

I would bet that some of us have created new disciplines and routines. And part of this “education” has brought us the knowledge that we do have control over our “internal” lives and space. This quarantining has given us an opportunity to look at our homes and provided us the luxury of taking on projects we thought we never would.

One person I know has attacked the fridge and used the “like with like” rule to rule over how she packs each shelf. Now she can find the vegetables as they are all in the same area. She can identify old food and toss it. There is an organized focus for the shopping list as she has established a true inventory that can be tracked and controlled. Hurray. Less food spoilage. More oversight over that closed fridge door.

Incoming mail is tamed with a system. Once it comes in and is “cleaned”, it is “addressed” immediately. Sorted, categorized. The bills that arrive are paid pronto and the junk mail discarded. There is an almost daily process in place. Before that, mail would pile up and look too formidable to tackle and thus relegated to a corner of the desk, forlorn and forgotten.

What we uncover from this challenging time is that we can discover the talents we have in hand to make lemonade out of the lemons we have been dealt and that we have the power to overcome and triumph.

Hurray for us.

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