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Stress reduction

We may feel all tangled up right now. Yet one of the ways we can unwind is by feeling productive. It is a real stress reliever when we know we have taken care of something that is on our shoulders and that is something that is within our powers to handle and accomplish.

Take the sock drawer in our chest of drawers. It is an area we see everyday when we go in there to find a pair of favorite socks. While we root around to locate that fun pair of cat socks we love, we also realize that organizing that collection we have would make our lives easier. Knowing where the cat socks are and that they are all together in one part of the drawer while the dog socks are no longer interspersed with those pumpkin socks can lead to relief. "Like with like" in our clothing drawers makes our life just a little more fun.

So take 15 minutes to a half an hour and remove everything out of that drawer, sort the socks in families and then put each back in its home in that drawer. That work will generate a smile. Not only can you find your cat socks without digging, but you also were productive. Now you can experience genuine happiness about curling up with a good book or calling a friend to say: I did something for myself today and yes that is a wonderful warm happy feeling.

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