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Spring is on our Menu

Yes, it is spring cleaning time and yes, we are directed to stay inside and hunker down for the foreseeable future. And yes, we are confined to barracks, so to speak.

That doesn’t mean we have to suffer in our space.

We can take on tasks that have been haunting us. It is how we view all those tasks and lists that make a big difference.

If we determine that the list is not the master but a menu of items that we need to attend to then that chore can morph into something almost enjoyable, pleasant.

Think of a restaurant you can’t enter in these current days. That makes for sadness.

Now consider the menu you yearn for. Ah yes. All those delectable choices and today and you have to come up with a decision about what on that luscious menu you want to select. If you see your to do list as a menu selection, you might view what you need to do quite differently. Instead of a heavy “to do”, this project can become as tasty as fettucine alfredo or that wonderful sundae you loved at the ice cream store that whips up delectable combos you enjoyed when you were there last.

It can be a matter of perspective for each and every list and task you feel you have to do. Menus are a lot more fun. They offer us a world of choice. So if you approach those ventures/assignments as you would a menu, you can make life so much more a journey than a job.

Yes. Let’s look at clearing out, sorting and decluttering as the menu. It can transform your point of view and convert what you are doing into a discovery. Instead of finding ourselves with a pile of distractions, we are now in front of delightful group of choices we are ready to make. Yes.

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