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Sometimes there is ... no choice

Loss sometimes comes at us. Without any warning.

Other times, we can see it coming and can prepare ourselves for what is ahead. The people of Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennesee, Alabama, Illinois, Arkansas didn't have a chance to sort through their belongings before devastation hit. They had no options. Today they are salvaging what they can of their possessions and mourning in deepest anguish the loss of loved ones.

It is something to keep in mind when we look around at our stuff and feel

the anxiety that letting go promotes. It helps to have perspective on what we really love, need, want, have. What would life be without some of our

possessions? Would organizing what is in our homes make life easier?

What would it feel like starting from scratch? Perspective is a valuable aid for all of us. It can lessen tension, build joy,

find gratitude.

Loss can be deep and black. It can also assist us in structuring a road to satisfaction and happiness as we allow ourselves to mourn the loss of a pet, a vintage photo, a person we adored while being grateful for what we do have around us. Being human implies loss of some kind or other. Living with having to let go

is part of life. Goodbye, dear Ollie. You will be missed. The hole in my heart is there. Yet look at how much life you shared and how much better you made it. Thank you.

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