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September Song

Leaving and returning.

We can learn a lot from the trees. They know that letting go can be the beginning of another season in their life span. Just like the rings we see to mark the growth of the tree, leaves offer us a lesson on how to manage our life.

Trees shed their leaves to make way for the new Spring opportunity. The gentle dropping of those leaves present a visual bounty although we know we won't see those beautiful shapes again until it starts to warm up and the tree is ready for the bright green to show off. And in the meanwhile, oh what glorious colors that greet us outside our windows. Even in the City and if we are masked and lucky, in the City parks we can enjoy the magnificent golden and orange glory by walking a few blocks until

we see the show of color that awaits us.

Unleaving too provides a signal that it is time to assess and relinquish some of the things we have been holding on to. To make that an easier process, we can remind ourselves of a story for that object we are getting ready to let go. Then that history stays in our heart and mind and we no longer need to keep it. We can thank it for serving and providing us a colorful past.

So take a look outside and wait for the September Song to hum as you begin the journey to free up some of your space. No need to do this all at once. Take a little time to give yourself the space to clear out just a small niche. Trees do that. A bit at a time.

It makes the loss seems less of a trauma and opens up the possibility of the return

of Spring and another chapter to begin.

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