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Season the Summer

We welcome this time of year. It represents freedom. Enjoying the outdoors, having the ease of moving more without a chill, unpacking the barbeque, dipping into cool water, changing wardrobes to light and easy with no layers, meeting up with friends and family where space is open and generous, exploring roads not taken, relaxing on a hammock without guilt, discovering areas around the house left behind in winter's cold months, walking a mile or two unencumbered with a down jacket and long underwear, breathing easy.

Early summer is an opportunity to clear closet and cabinet space. You might even find something you've been looking for all winter.

In the bathroom, it's a way to address the medicine cabinet that houses expired sunscreen, medicines and more. In your closet, check out what clothes you love for this season of warmth and donate what you haven't worn in 1-2 summers to those who might need or want something different. The same for winter items including ice skates, skis, that old polartec sweatshirt. Dig into stuff you never wore even once last winter or before. Those clothes can be put to good use in another person's closet.

Check out your linens. Are they frayed, faded, stained, worn and shrunk? Make room for

some new sheets, towels, shams. Donate to a beloved animal shelter. The animals don't mind a faded towel. They'll appreciate a softer bed or a good soft rubdown tool after a dreaded bath. Out there in the fresh air, look at what's in your garage (if you are lucky enough to have one). No doubt there are plenty of tag sale items happy to find a new home where they'll be used.

Transform the delicious long hours of summer into a place to draw down on the warehouse of stuff accumulated over the winter. It's a cool start to summer: reconnaissance, discovery, recovery, recycling.

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