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Say goodbye to 2020. Hello to Readiness.

We share a lot of feelings. And those can sometimes get in the way of our progress. Most of us are clearly aware of what we want for ourselves. But...then we often, not always, place obstruction, resistance, disappointment, frustration in front of us and we end up doing nothing to move our pebbles ahead.

The new year offers us a tangible sign and opportunity to push ourselves into what is to most all of us a new year. And that means change, acceptance, energy, hope, concern about how we want our year to go. What will emerge from the dust of 2020? How best to mourn what 2020 brought us? Starting is perhaps a way to let go of the past.

One way to approach our new goals is to be realistic about what we want to accomplish.

And that means taking a good hard impersonal look at where we are and what looks like how far we have to go. It requires dispassionate examination of paths to get where we want to go. We also must be gentle with ourselves while we examine our objectives and what we will do to achieve them (or at least some of them). One most important ingredient is the concept of self-love and appreciation. We didn't get this far on our steam alone. There have been people along the way who have offered ideas, assistance, care and love to get us underway. And also ourselves when we can move ahead for however long we can do it.

On the edge of this new year, we can do what is human. That is to ready ourselves for the dreams, passions, love, work (whatever it is for each of us), friends, family, pets, home. And we can begin the process of pushing our pebbles, nudging them, cajoling them but never kicking them towards what we want for ourselves in 2021.

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