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Remembrance of things past -- and prologue

Memorial Day provides a time of passage where we recall the sacrifices of those who gave their life for our country.

It is also a day to remember and re-visit people, pets and experiences we might have stowed away to avoid the hard work and pain involved in uncovering memories we had forgotten.

Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer where we allow ourselves to let go and begin to wrangle our way out of winter and all its encumbrances. There is an opportunity here to sort through that which we used, loved, cherished, no longer like or wear of our winter belongings and a chance to determine and decide what we might want to relinquish before we pack away our beloved clothing that served us well this past winter.

There is also the prospect of longer days so we can now go through files and photos that have piled up in our pandemic hibernation cycle and really feeling the fire that will get you going on projects that have languished along with the winter cold.

Memories are part of our past along with the months of confinement and now we can face the future and write the prologue knowing we can address those recollections of time gone by. We can make the most of the space around us by considering what we remember and can release to the warmer winds of June.

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