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Refreshers necessary for all of us.

As we approach Shakespeare's birthday once again, I realized that I too needed a refresher course in taming my files.

Yes, it was a beautiful day. Sun shining.

75 degrees and a gentle breeze that touched me while I walked the dog.

I knew it was time to tackle my desk area and the files I depend on to keep the family going and ready for the coming day.

Looking at my office area, I discovered treasures I hadn't seen for a while. This lovely cup was my grandmother's, my mother's and then passed on to me. With all the daily responsibilities I had forgotten this lovely piece of porcelain. My heart leapt up at seeing it again. Hidden once behind other stuff on my desk,

I found a piece of my past that I will keep because I love it and always did as I grew up. And it is something I want to touch, from time to time. Some things can stay with us.

There are ways to retain items we love and for some memorabilia we uncover, we can depend on our phones or a trusty camera to capture that memory and don't want or need it "in person."

I was reminded today that we organizers have to catch up on ourselves and we sometimes forget to do that as the days go by. The same can be said of those of us who are contemplating the process of clearing.

Decision-making can be a satisfying act. Part of what decluttering is about is just that,

in a nutshell or a pretty cup. I re-discovered that reality for myself today and wish you have the same sense of satisfaction as you pursue your home space objectives.

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