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Out of chaos....

Just as a swollen bud slowly opens when it is safe, we too have to decide when to open ourselves to a different path. It is never easy, change, but it is attainable, especially when we feel we are not alone.

These past months have been a challenge for all of us. Staying inside, away from our family, friends, people who want to hug us, has not been easy. And opening up presents its own anxieties. Covid-19 is still out there. Who is carrying it? Are the symptoms visible for us all to see? The answer we know is no.

Yet we own an opportunity for as we expand our boundaries by going outside, even shopping and dining away from our four walls, we can begin to live again in our own larger universe.

We can also begin to contemplate the idea of having company in our space. Now our dog, cat, bird can possibly see another face.

So it is also time to examine our 4 walls and think about how we can make our living space ready for others to see as well. As we realize we can emerge from our enforced solitude, we can address what we can do at our address.

If you are seeing some disorder within your walls, now is an opportunity to get going from the inside out. You can do this alone or with supportive company, either with a visit or through the wonders of technology, virtually. After a few hours, you will see the difference where you tackled that pile of clothes or the cluttered kitchen counter or the hallway closet too full of winter coats you haven't worn all winter.

It can be a revelation that brings sunshine into your day. Out of chaos....

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