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On this Mother's Day in May

Nancy D.

This day is one of remembrance. We wouldn't be here without them.

Some of us are mothers ourselves and others, while we might not be mothers, have a strong nurturing instinct that won't quit.

Today is an opportunity to consider what to retain of our mothers -- in so many ways. Are there certain pieces we have in our homes that remind us of our mothers? Are there letters written that we just couldn't part with? Photos that we elected to keep to share with others in the family? A shirt, skirt or pants that we kept in the corner of a closet, not yet something we could let go of.

There are a few of us that have no problem discarding parts of the past. There are also our sisters who can't seem to decide what to do with some of our past, beloved or not.

I have to admit there is a set of true indigo blue silk Chinese pajamas, a vest top, wide bottomed pants and a flowing jacket that was my mom's and it is still resident in my closet. This set is indeed vintage, dating back to the 1930's and this morning I recalled that it's there on an upper rack encased in plastic. It seems now the time to determine what I will do with this beautiful outfit that my mother herself couldn't part with and was handed down to me.

There are options for this garment, still intact (the moths didn't get it). I could donate it to a museum if they want it, sell it online or simply wrap it up and take it to a thrift shop for someone else to enjoy a piece of the past.

It takes courage to relinquish. Holding on can be a lot simpler. I reminded myself that I can keep this lovely memory by photographing it and then finding a "keeper." I feel today on Mother's Day that I have learned I can let it go and I have decided I will do just that -- soon. Really. You see it's not easy for any of us.

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