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Hurricanes, Havoc, Home -- Claim Space in 10 Steps, a Start

We all have experienced a very weird year and a half (almost) and yet we are still here. We are inundated with the clutter of the world's challenges (isolation, illness, fires, floods, war and other mayhem) and yet we still seem to maintain our equilibrium. Our own space dictates that we find a way out of the world we live in so we can function and have some fun.

As summer nears its end and as we move more indoors, we have to make things work for us while we weather what comes at us.

Here's a way to begin to clear out stuff and to make room for what is ahead. If we can tackle our immediate obstacles, we have an opportunity to expand our individual universe:

  1. Make your own assessment of what is out there in front of you. Take a corner of a room to start or a section of your closet. Keep it manageable for yourself.

  2. Look into your closets and take note of what summer items you wore and which are still waiting for you to step into.

  3. Check out what you have ready to wear for your autumn and winter wardrobe.

  4. Think about how much room you have right now and what you think you'll need as this season departs. Be sure to notice the sun and how it now looks like we see it through a glass of tea (yellow and strained).

  5. Then take a break. Relax. Do something you love to do and let all this go for a day.

  6. Once you have figured out what you want to keep in your home in the areas in which you have taken inventory, then choose that part of your space and begin the sorting process. What do you use, what do you truly need, what can be let go.

  7. You are ready to make the decisions about what really gives you pleasure and what doesn't. That's a start.

  8. You can revisit this process from here.

  9. Think always about making space as your "archeological dig" which takes time, commitment and courage.

  10. Reward yourself for your ability to start. Hurray!

I know from experience that beginning anything new can be daunting. Just take a deep breath and you'll see. it will be a satisfying process of discovery, recovery and more. Yes.

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