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Just as the shoemaker has to re-sole, sometimes we all need a break from the work. And this means time off from writing a blog

even when I know that my blogs can give respite to those challenged by clutter and chaos.

In the past few months I've been addressing my own kinds of clutter and discovering ways to make my life fuller and richer by getting jobs of my own addressed and done.

Stepping back from a task can sometimes make it easier when we re-visit what we know has to be finished and that's what I did with my blog writing.

Now that Spring is here there is new vibrancy and a sense that even amidst the wild times we are experiencing, hope is budding as well. I feel now that there is a bounce in my step and I am ready for whatever comes my way.

Letting things be for a while can evolve into a renaissance of energy so we can tackle what we know we have to do.

That means giving yourself a break once in a while and taking time off from attacking that pile of paper you want to review and just getting out and inhaling the beautiful Spring air outside your door or taking a walk in the park and admiring the renewal Nature provides us. And the recognition that with work can come play as a reward.

Make Spring your time to re-think and re-assess what is important to you and what can wait a bit for your attention. What pops up from the earth is the promise of a colorful life filled with your wish to move on and clear away what was in your path. A little hiatus is good preparation for the tasks ahead and will add to the satisfaction you receive when you are ready to proceed. Rest, then work. Yes.

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