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Give credit where credit is due

We often do a lot of things we forget we did and that is a loss for how we feel about ourselves. We tend to forget our accomplishments and dwell on what we didn't get to do.

Just like we assess the world around us, we miss out on giving credit where credit is due for our own achievements.

What in our life have we endured and overcome despite all odds against us?

What events have changed us and made us better?

What have we done to repair and renew?

We seem to be wired to forget how we battled our challenges and remain mired in

the damage done.

So how do we take account of our successes in overcoming the obstacles life hands us?

We make a concerted effort to remember and remind ourselves of the work we did to get through that difficult time. Make a list of the challenges you faced and then next to that list, what you did to move ahead.

You will be surprised and gratified to learn how much you have done in your life to find solutions, clear away the barriers and find satisfaction (even if you forgot and didn't give yourself the credit you earned).

You were able to use your self to survive what was thrown at you and you can keep doing that whenever something looms to block your way. Giving yourself credit makes the next hurdle easier to handle. A thank you to yourself is an invaluable tool to remember you have in your toolkit.

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