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Finding clarity amidst the chaos

Right now we are experiencing a challenging period in our lives. We don't know if we are ill from a virus we never met before. We don't even have the means to test to find out if we have been exposed or if we have this illness.

We have little to no control over what's out there except by remaining at home. Many of us haven't truly prepared for this worldwide happening. We didn't have warning to enable us to stock up on staples and it's not file folders or pens. It's food and medications.

We may feel isolated, lonely and overwhelmed.

There is out there a lifeline. There are friends, family and some support services we can reach out to. And there are places where we can get facts, science, the truth as much as is known to the experts like Dr Anthony Fauci who appear in front of our screens and

let us know what he knows.

And there are our animals who can give us comfort and a cuddle and who seem to understand that we are going through some rough patches these days.

So buckle up, remember you are not really alone. And if you need help, extend yourself and ask for it. Now is not the time to be proud. But to be practical. And when you do that, also remember to breathe, wash your hands and put on some good music to soothe your soul. Good chicken soup can warm your spirit too.

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