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Expanding beautifully

We are seeing the last of green around us as winter creeps in. Days grow shorter. It gets dark early. How can we make the best of this interim season.

One way is to take control of your surroundings. We are spending a lot more time inside and that brings awareness that there are areas where we can have an impact on our space.

Yes decluttering isn't easy but it isn't insurmountable either.

It's time to change over to winter apparel and that poses an opportunity to take a look at your clothes and decide what you love, what you always wear and what remains in the corner of the closet because it is something you haven't worn in years.

We are human and we all have preferences. Sometimes we are not aware of them but they are there just the same. So here's an opportunity to expand your closet space by weeding out the stuff you haven't worn, will not wear this winter either.

It doesn't have to take long. Make the choices in stages. 15 minutes can put you in the mindset to tackle this part of your home. There will be satisfaction in letting go of those items you have fallen away from. Plus there's the whole vista of recycling through donation that will make you smile as someone else will love what you have relinquished.

You are engendering green by giving up what you don't need or want anymore. It's a liberating feeling that will make short days seem brighter.

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