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Dreams Deferred....

Just as the play "A Raisin in the Sun" addresses the deferral of dreams, we tend to put off decisions we know we need to make because it's hard work,

we're afraid we might not be able to do it, we feel it's beyond us at this time,

it's going to make us sad, we can see that decision leading to what we perceive as loss or mourning.

Yet deferring decisions means that we haven't gotten to where we want to go and that can be painful and difficult too. When we put off a choice, we are letting the fates take over and, in that case, we are giving up our own power to do what we know at some point we must attend to. Somewhere we know that the process of decluttering is about tackling one decision or more than one decision. That choice is about letting go and that in itself involves a making a decision about what we see before us.

Given that fact of life and that we may feel angry at ourselves or shamed, we are left with a decision to decide about what we feel we want to do. We have to convince ourselves that now is the time to make that hard choice to start happen.

A decision deferred makes "raisins" as opportunities dry up and more and more decisions pile up until we can't even find our "raisins" and our raison d'etre. No one wants to be in that place and although we tell ourselves it can wait, we know deep down

we must act and that we will feel better doing so.

It is never too late to start. We can stop deferring and we can make that decision to decide to start. It can happen as long as we decide we can do it, we will do it.

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