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Cooling off can be very productive

Now that we've had a break in the heat in some parts of the country, we can settle down and address some of the issues that have been on our mind.

It's officially summer and we are in that season of outdoors and the idea of ease of movement. That can mean exercise and freedom to go about our business either maskless or wearing a mask less frequently or sticking with our pandemic regimen given our health circumstances.

It can also signal a new opportunity to clear out some of the stuff we have been viewing as "extra" or "no longer our friends."

So here's a thought: Take a journey to a specific part of a room, closet, kitchen cabinet, garage section and begin to think of it as the beginning of an archeological dig.

You'll find lots of discoveries and you'll locate an item you were looking for. It will happen. And you will feel a lot better, freer and satisfied. Yes you will when you've tackled a spot in your home and made progress. You've begun your summer productively and isn't that great!

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