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Catch a falling leaf

As we move into a new time (and year for some), we have the ability to pick and choose what we want to keep in our memory and what we are ready to relinquish. Season change brings transition.

We can begin to think about less light amidst the shorter days, clothing that will keep us warmer rather than cooler, what is important to us as we move from summer to fall.

It's that part of the year where light seems to be filtered through a glass of tea.

Everything has a very subtle yellow cast to it and it engenders feelings of loss:

summer is over, it's back to school and a discipline in some form or other. Our access to comfortable weather is waning. We are not as free to dine out without sweaters and soon coats. As the trees shed their leaves, we add layers and think about the coming winter and the cold bundle-up-ness ahead.

It is also a time of year where we are more open and accepting to being inside as we know we have no control over what comes our way outdoors.

Yet autumn days are something to treasure as we move day by day into those late September, color-filled October and November with the promise of Thanksgiving around the corner.

If we see autumn as an opportunity to consider this change, then we can greet this part of the year with a smile. And those projects we delayed during the warmth of summer can now be welcomed as we greet falling leaves as harbingers of good things to come. We can let go of the summer and summer possessions we no longer need and look forward to the prospect of Spring. And realize that letting go can be a good thing outside and in.

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