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Building a path through the tough times

Many times there is a silver lining to our clouds.

Now while we are feeling isolated and alone we have an opportunity to develop your own organizational skills. Getting acquainted with what is in front of you can be an education.

There is a lot of anxiety in the air but you can cut through it with ways to master those anxious feelings. To begin with, just try to breathe. When I start feeling tight and constrained, I remind myself to stop, monitor myself and ask myself why am I feeling this way. Very often what seems an insurmountable problem at that moment can become a path to serenity if we just give ourselves a chance to slow down, take stock of the situation and just think about what it is we need to do now.

When you try this approach to a scary scenario, you empower yourself by putting that obstacle into proper perspective. And it doesn't have to take long. Just a little self-awareness that can transport you back into the present. It's then that you realize:

I can do this and this is how I can make it work. It's your ticket back from anxiety.

Give it a chance. You'll see. It will be good.

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