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Animals and Kids ... and Rainbows

Join me for a seminar on Clutter Free Living Friday, 4-28-23 at 4 pm at

the Hunt Library, Falls Village, CT for tips, tools, strategies. It occurred to me the other day that advertisers always use gimmicks to draw us into their space and I thought about how "decluttering" for some people gets the same reaction as the word "dentist".

This time I'm employing my beloved dog, Ollie, to soften the impact of what can be the first 15 minutes starting a decluttering project. He too looks a little like we do when we think about decluttering.

It isn't easy, just looking at what has to be dealt with, but it can almost be a sweet moment when we decide to decide.

Beginnings of lots of our projects can be anxiety producing. Yet if we choose a small area and one that has been haunting us for quite some time, taking up that first piece of stuff, whether it's a blouse, shirt, file, a pile of mail, we can have hope.

It also means is that we are tackling something we realize is hard for so many many reasons, entangled in lots of feelings and memories and loss, and often a lonely task.

When you take on the process of clearing, sorting, tossing that many dread, think about something you love and have loved. Think about your Ollie who is no longer here but is remembered with love fiercely. That's your way to get motivated and to the rainbow. Really. Truly.

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