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We all have pouches to clean....

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

As gray as February can be, we can find color all around us. Just take a look at your living room.

I bet you will find hues other than gray in that room. What about your linen closet? Are there towels and sheets that aren't white. Anyway the "white sale" in stores is over.

Think about the colors in your surroundings. Can you imagine other colors to replace the ones you have now? What about handing over some of those items to a friend or donating to your local thrift shop so someone else can enjoy the colors you are ready to relinquish.

Is there a "pouch" in your home that is filled with things you no longer need or want? Now in the drab days of February you can make a change that will lift your eyes and your spirit.

Empty out and sort and you will find light and a smile as you work and as you free yourself from the confines of color. Happy February. Let the sun shine in.

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