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  • Nancy D

Acquisition Time, Disquisition Time

We are moving to the season of getting, receiving, giving, letting to -- all at one concentrated time.

The holidays are almost upon us. They are already here if you view the internet. Black Friday sales on just this coming Monday are no longer the Friday after Thanksgiving and multiple sales can be an opportunity to acquire for ourselves, our family and our friends.

Making a plan to keep a "wrap" on what comes in to your life and home can be a wonderful way to keep things and stuff and more from becoming overwhelming. And we all want is to enjoy our holidays without being steeped in guilt over what we didn't do to keep in charge of our charges.

So here's a suggestion: Think carefully about what you need to do to make the end of the year and its festivities work for you. Consider donating stuff that you might no longer use to those who can't make choices about what to retain and what to relinquish. Giving can be as sweet as receiving. Love, happiness and caring do not have to cost anything. Think about ways you can celebrate your year without sinking under the acquisition tree. Start now and you will see how easy it is to disquisition without an inquisition or acquisition. Freeing yourself from more stuff can be refreshing. A snowflake on your tongue and a smile on your face.

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