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  • Nancy D

Even a dreary day can bring out your sun


Let's take umbrellas (or not).

How many do you have in your home?

What kinds of umbrellas do you own?

Little ones? Automatic ones? Your old friend manually opening you have kept for 10 years?

Big wide-spreading golf-style umbrellas?

Heavy, light? Wind-resistant?

One that has the logo of the business you worked at years ago?

Uncle Mike's old companion that you inherited?

DId you ever feel sad that you lost your last one out?

Time to give yourself a break. We all lose things and umbrellas seem to top the list, especially if it stopped raining after you stepped out of the last place you had settled into. We tend to forget about umbrellas until we see rain (or snow). Yes, umbrellas are helpful pals but...

Think about how many do you need? Then once you know they still work and you have chosen the one or two you love, then re-cycle the ones you haven't opened in months or years. Someone else will be glad you could let go and now you've helped prevent a person from getting wet. Good job.

Those umbrellas that don't function anymore: Thank them for their service and release them by getting them out of your house.

You'll see how the sun really does shine, even on a rainy day.

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